Spain Travel Guide


Spain, a sizable nation with a lengthy history, provides a unique atmosphere in the middle of Europe. Spain is a tourist destination that will enchant every traveller, whether they are drawn to the rich history of larger cities like Barcelona or Madrid or would rather enjoy the country's most stunning beaches. Although Spain is located in Europe, Mexico, Cuba, and Nicaragua, three of its former American colonies, nevertheless bear many cultural elements that Spain passed on to them. Its exotic flair may be seen in the stunning architecture of Gaud as well as in the national carnivals and celebrated holidays, which draw large groups of visitors for the fiesta.

There is no lack of wonders in Spain. The alternatives are infinite, from lazing on the beaches of Costa Brava to partying in Ibiza, from walking Spain's famed Camino de Santiago to mountaineering the Sierra Nevada Regional Park.

Before Travelling to Spain


Experiencing Spain

What to Bring

Plan on wearing light clothing if you visit Spain in the summer because it will be hot and sunny. Pack several sweaters and pants in your suitcase for the other seasons because it will get chilly. If you want to enjoy the nightlife or dinner at a great restaurant, you should dress elegantly. Since you should visit Spain on foot, always pack a pair of comfy shoes.

Food and Beverages

Spanish food is distinctive in that it uses mostly fresh ingredients with very little processing or alteration. Every region has its own characteristics, and Madrid boasts over 150 restaurants with Michelin stars, which would make Paris green with envy.


Tapas: Popular Spanish small plates and starters

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that is prepared in a large pan and served in that same pan. Depending on the region where it is made, paella is a dish that combines rice, meats, and seafood.

Cold slices made from pork are known as jamón ibérico or pata negra.

Cocido: This stew is prepared with vegetables, meat, and legumes and is typically served as a main course. It embodies comfort food in its purest form.

Gaspacho: Gazpacho is a tomato-based cold soup cooked with raw vegetables that is ideal for hot days.

Churros: The churros, the pinnacle of Spanish sweets, are formed with batter that has been fried and dusted with sugar before being topped in melted chocolate. A true treat!


Cerveza is consumed in Spain, almost every region has its unique beer. 

Enjoy a San Miguel, the most popular beer in the nation.

Spanish wines, such as those from the Rioja or Castile and León regions, are superb.

Horchata: This cool alcoholic beverage is typically consumed in the summer and is made from the perennial plant tigernut.

Lemon juice, sugar, and ice in a granita

Vermut de grifo is a cooked wine served with a mixture of herbs and sparkling water.


You will need to find alternative presents to bring back to your loved ones since Canadian Customs prohibits the importation of cold cuts. Thankfully, you have a number of options, such as: damascene jewelry, mosaic ceramics, wines and Valencian ceramics.