About us


Gill International Travel is a travel agency in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Gill Travel is your new travel agent for finding the best online deals on flights, hotels, and cars for your next trip. Our vision is to provide the best travel services to our clients at the best prices. We are one of Canada's fastest-growing travel agency. When looking for international travel tickets for great value, look no further than Gill International Travel. Gill International Travel proudly inherits a culture of understanding our customer's wants and preferences out of a travelling experience. From destination, budget, accommodations and everything else in between, we strive to find an experience that is fulfilling without dealing with the hassle of booking a vacation by yourself. We are a fully Canadian owned and operated online tour and travel agency, specializing in cheap flight deals from Canada to various international destinations, low-cost airline tickets, and last-minute deals. We consider ourselves the GTA's top international vacation travel company. Whether it's sightseeing in Frankfurt or tanning in Rio de Janeiro, Gill International Travel can make it happen. Our staff of travel professionals can guide you through the process for a trip of a lifetime, and can help you find all the necessities to fit inside your travel budget. Whether it's international travel tickets, hotel accommodations or vacation destinations for the right price, Gill International Travel will find what's right for you and your travel party. Our travel agency is proud to have served thousands of customers from Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Toronto, Etobicoke, Surrey, Vancouver, Alberta, Edmonton, Richmond Hill, Regina, Victoria, Burnaby, North York, Markham and from all across Canada. At the end of the day, we travel to see more from the world we live in and gain memories that can last a lifetime. Gill International Travel's mantra is making our clients' dream vacations become an experienced reality. As a premier Canadian owned international travel company, no matter where your located we can find the perfect trip for you and your companions. Gill Travel is here to provide you the perfect vacation package for you and your loved ones. Reach out to our travel professionals today and get fast tracked to booking your desired destination!


At Gill Int'l Travel, it is our belief that travel is a pleasure that nobody should devoid of, and that expenses should not be an impediment. This belief is the driving factor behind everything we do. Gill Int'l Travel aims to be an instrument for all the aspiring travellers and to facilitate their aspirations by helping them find the most economical airfare deals possible. Don’t take our word for it; check out the deals we offer and we’re sure you shall not be disappointed!

The Best Price Guarantee

We have unique tie-ups with a large number of airline, which enable us to offer the most economical airfare deals to you. This isn’t an empty promise, we can guarantee it!

No Hidden Charges

On Gill Int'l Travel, the fare you see is inclusive of everything. We don’t lure customers with fares that seem very low, only to reveal add-on fees once the decision to buy has been made.

The Human Touch, 24/7

This is where Gill Int'l Travel excels. If you don’t like the deals you see on our website, just call us. Our Travel Experts will work with you to work out a deal that’s tailor-made as per your preferences.