Italy Travel Guide


Italy has a lot to offer you because of its three-millennia-long history. The nation has continuously reinvented itself and has always been an object of attraction, from the days of the gladiators and the Renaissance to the depressing years of the dictatorship. There are countless opportunities for adventure, and every traveller can find something appealing among the various locales. Everything is possible in this European nation, whether you're seeking for a culinary vacation, historical discovery, or an athletic adventure.

Italy will please those who appreciate the finer things in life and may indulge guilt-free in all of these delights, including lively parties, exquisite wine, delectable cuisine, and elegant fashion. Go ahead and spoil yourself! Eat tasty dishes in Rome; watch the sunset at Cinque Terre; grab yourself a designer accessory in Milan, fashion capital of the world; and marvel at the works of Michelangelo!

Before Travelling to Italy


Experiencing Italy

What to Bring

Italians typically wear stylish clothing. You don't have to wear fancy clothes, but if you don't wear your cargo trousers around town, people will be less interested in you. Pack breathable fabrics and light clothing for the summer because it will be hot. Add some sweaters and jeans for various seasons. Of course, wearing warm gear is essential in the winter in the Alps. No matter what, take some comfy walking shoes because you'll be doing a lot of walking, especially in Rome and Venice.

Food and Drink

One of the primary pleasures of visiting Italy is the cuisine. Every region has its own delicacies, and every family has its own timeless recipes that have been passed down through the generations. It is all regional cuisine that stands out for its freshness.


Fresh pasta: tortelli, lasagna, carbonara, and al pesto... One of the nation's genuine culinary icons, pasta is so versatile you could eat it every day and never get tired of it. While tomato sauce is preferred in the south, cream is typically served with pasta in the northern regions.

Pizza: Italian pizza, which has its roots in Naples, is prepared in wood-fired ovens.

Risotto: This braised rice dish is typically served as a primi piatti (appetiser), mainly in the northern and central areas of Italy. It is smoother and has less additives than Spanish paella.

Gelato: Nothing tastes better in the summer than a scoop of gelato, an Italian ice cream. Feel free to treat yourself to one or two scoops each day.


Coffee: There is no need to describe the marvels of Italian coffee. Which beverage will you be having: a cappuccino, a caffè latte, a macchiato, or an espresso?

Wines: Italian red wines, notably those from Tuscany and Piedmont, are particularly well-known worldwide.

Grappa: This wine-based liqueur is typically consumed after supper. It frequently has fruit, herbs, or spices as flavours.


It's tempting to pack your bag with of delicious treats, but many of them are illegal. Here are some further suggestions for Italian mementos to carry home: Burano lace with Murano glass, a masquerade mask, Tuscan olive oil Vermouth, Grappa, or wine.