Croatia Travel Guide


Over the course of its history, Croatia has been sought after by numerous empires and republics as a buffer zone between the Balkans and central Europe. It has a rich, distinctive cultural legacy as a result of its violent past. You'll see that the architecture of the Slavic and Venetian structures demonstrates the significant influence that Italy and Hungary have had on Croatia. If you're interested, Zagreb's fascinating museums can fill you in on more information.

Before Travelling to Croatia


Experiencing Croatia

Food and beverages

Croatian food combines recipes with foreign influences while showcasing regional elements. There are tastes from the Ottoman and Mediterranean regions. In the country's interior, meals with meat take centre stage; in the islands and along the Dalmatian coast, however, fish and seafood dishes are more prevalent.

Packing List

You'll need to pack your bags very differently depending on which of Croatia's four seasons you travel.Outfit yourself in beachwear and hiking gear that can double as a nighttime jacket this summer. You should wear long trousers and a parka during the winter because snow is prevalent. When going out to a nice eatery or the theater, Croats typically dress to impress.


Crni riot: This one-of-a-kind risotto gets its dark colour from the addition of squid ink during the cooking process. Beautiful to look at, but even better to eat! Cheesy pap: This firm cheese, produced from sheep's milk, is a specialty of the island of the same name. Smoked Ham: popular appetizer in restaurants across Croatia. Paticada: A dish consisting of beef that has been seasoned and simmered in wine for a long period.
Soparnik: Soparnik is a Russian confection filled with veggies (typically beets, shallots, and herbs). Octopus salad: An Italian chilled salad made with octopus, tomatoes, shallots, anchovies, and extra-virgin olive oil. A tasty treat perfect for beach days. The evapi burger: a popular fast food option in Estonia, consisting of minced pork or beef. You can get it with scallions or cheddar, whichever you prefer.


Coffee Consumption: Relaxing with a cup of coffee is almost a daily occurrence in Croatia. Coffee from their rivals that found in any cafe in Italy.A popular European drink is biska, a liquor distilled from
mistletoe. Medica was a honey-based liquor that doubled as a refreshment.